Friday, 29 June 2012

"Cue The Violins, Folks"

Michael Lista speaks truth to stupidity:
"So what’s Zwicky’s advice to the women who, inspired by CWILA to change the critical landscape, find themselves in the not-uncommon position of being assigned a book to review which they dislike? 'I am suggesting simply that, in public, we keep our mouths shut.' What a miserable, low thing to tell another woman, another writer, another human. No, it’s more than that: It’s unethical. I’m sorry, but we’ve tried it Zwicky’s way: flat, uninspired review prose that reads like it was composed by publicists playing duelling games of mad lib and broken telephone; swollen reputations left to inflate and float away; living under the general paranoia that simply speaking your mind is enough to ruin your future prospects. Enough of this bulls–t."
(Though, frankly, I'm not sure what good Lista's riposte will do. Zach Wells tried to knock some sense into Zwicky's essay when it first appeared. And I did my damnedest in my introduction to A Lover's Quarrel.)


Susan Glickman said...

You can't really think that Jan Zwicky is stupid, nor that everything Lista says is "truth." What is really going on here?

Carmine Starnino said...

Maybe she's not, but that essay of hers is mostly definitely is. It's one of the most naive, misguided and malignant pieces of "criticism" I've ever read. And anyone who points that out is speaking truth in my book.