Wednesday, 20 April 2011

My Hair

In an ongoing feature called "The Devil's Engine" (No. 1, No. 2) Tara Murphy has been putting a series of sensible, process-related questions to Biblioasis poets. The latest query, however, is a little whimsical, though Amanda Jernigan bats it out of the park.

If you had to pick a body part, and make that body part the storehouse for all of your poetic instincts, which part would you choose and why?"
Amanda says:
My hair. As a reminder that my poetic instincts are easily lost; that their loss, if painful to my sense of self is not (or not immediately) fatal; and that, given time, I may grow them back again.
The rest here. It's a pretty cool answer.

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Zachariah Wells said...

Small correction: it's Tara Murphy, not Dan, posing the questions.