Sunday, 1 February 2009

"The war news have been good for quite awhile"

Jason Guriel devotes his new blog entry at Harriet to a poem that Brian Bartlett "found" in a series of 1918 letters exchanged between Bartlett's 22-year old grandmother and a 20-year-old Canadian Army enlistee.

"In the audio commentary for his film Two-Lane Blacktop (1971), Monte Hellman notes the great advantage of working with “non-actors” like James Taylor and Dennis Wilson, innocent amateurs who don’t try to act. The great advantage of the speaker in Canadian poet Brian Bartlett’s recent poem “Dear Georgie” is the fact that he doesn’t know he’s in a poem. If only more poems’ speakers sounded like him, a natural who’s not angling for Academy recognition. Poems’ speakers usually sound like poets."

Read the rest here. The painting above, incidently, is called "A Battery Shelled" (1919) by Wyndam Lewis. And here's a trailer from "Two-Lane BlackTop," the film Guriel mentions above.

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