Wednesday 19 December 2007

Winter kept us warm


As we frenetically approach the end of the week, taking care of loose ends until our publishing life continues in the New Year, thoughts of holidays compete with the quotidian challenges of winter. Montrealers reacted smugly to the news of terrible snow and ice storms sweeping across America’s Mid-West. We shrugged our shoulders as it crossed the 49th Parallel on its way to Toronto. And then this much anticipated storm hit Montreal with a ponderous thud, burying cars, reducing main thoroughfares to wagon trails. About 100cm of snow has fallen on this city over the last two weeks, breaking decades-old records. And it’s not officially winter yet! We love it.

Have a happy and healthy holiday.


They’re very distrustful
of that white element—
prefer to stand in one place
almost sitting on their belly,
or watch the next one walk
(see if he sinks).

Snow to them
is a treacherous
fluid world
in which even a cat’s sensitivity fails.

[From Zembla’s Rocks by Louis Dudek, Véhicule Press 1986.]

Monday 3 December 2007

Elephants on Plateau Mont-Royal

For 4 grueling days (Nov. 29-Dec. 2), Montreal's Infinitheatre presented "The Pipeline."--a series of play readings that gives the playwright the opportunity to iron out wrinkles for a new work. On Nov. 30, Jaspreet Singh's "Elephants" was given a reading. On Friday evening Jaspreet was presented with an elephant teapot (doesn't everyone have one?) by Nancy Marrelli. Véhicule will be publishing Jaspreet's novel, "Chef," in spring '08.

Top photo: Jaspreet and Infinitheatre director Guy Sprung.
Bottom photo: Jaspreet, Nancy Marrelli and Andrew Hood (with red eyes).