Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Once a Pratt, Always a Pratt

Patrick Warner wins the E..J. Pratt Poetry Award -- for the second time.

UPDATE: Here is the jury's citation:
“Patrick Warner’s Mole noses its way into the domestic and the unobserved, needles each “numb spot,” and coaxes the strange from the mundane. Warner transforms routine into formal ingenuity and our mass obsessions and accumulations into his metaphoric bonfire. While he eschews the grand and romantic, Warner remains the authentic artisan. His language is avid and alight, his ironies wicked and pitch perfect. If it was difficult to imagine a suburban poetry that could matter, then Warner imagines it for us. Crafty, civic, human – amidst the community walls, by-laws, and sprawl – Mole sniffs out signs of life and brings back news of ourselves.”

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