Wednesday 22 August 2012

Daryl Hine 1936-2012

Here is the email I received from Evan Jones last night.
Daryl Hine passed away yesterday [April 20] in Evanston around 9:30pm. His health wasn't great, but he was stable. We spoke two weeks ago. He was at work on his own version of the Argonautica—from the ship's point of view. He had just bought a new MacBook. Daryl, Jay Macpherson and Virgil Burnett in one year. That's the end of something.
Some excellent essays on Hines' work and career are available online. Here's one by Eric Ormsby, and another by Bill Coyle. Arc serves up only a morsel of James Pollock's piece (but you can dine on the whole thing in Pollock's upcoming collection of essays, out in November).

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James Pollock said...

Readers can find links to more information on Hine, including two very good essays by Jason Guriel and Alexander Lewis, by clicking on my name in this comment.