Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sex Fail

Germaine Greer is turned off by Sophie Hannah's anthology of sex poetry, a book she calls "far less raunchy than the average collection of rugby songs":
Sex is as difficult and various as convers­ation; it is to be found on every page of a novel by Jane Austen. It drives every poem that was ever written, whether it makes reference to incidences of sexual congress or not. It is not surprising that when Hannah began to look for the poetry of sex she lost her way, for she was afloat on a vast sea of human endeavour with no guide. An historic overview might have given her something to hang on to, but the attempt to organise such lawless material was always bound to fail. Sex knows no bounds and respects no boundaries. It was folly to think of clapping it up in a single book.


Nyla said...

"sex drives every poem ever written" ? I don't think so.

Brian Busby said...

Ms Greer's comment has me reconsidering the work of Edna Jaques.