Tuesday 6 November 2007

Port O' Call

"Well, Montreal's a port town, right? So there's this feeling of everyone here being on some weird, extended shore leave; everyone seems to be just passing through."

So says Andrew Hood, author of Pardon Our Monsters, in a recent interview for the Danforth Review. Read the entire interview here.

If Montreal is where Hood has decided to spend his extended shore leave, then it is Guelph, Ontario, that is his real home. The Royal City is also the inspiration for Pardon Our Monsters, a collection of short stories about a fictional suburban Ontario town. Hood will be returning to Guelph on November 18 for a reading at The Bookshelf (41 Quebec Street), along with another Guelph native, Mark Sampson, who will be co-launching his book Off Book (Norwood Publishing).

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