Thursday 19 June 2008

Picture worth a thousand words

Véhicule co-publisher Simon Dardick and winner Simone Lee
in classic promo shot.

That might be the proverb, however, Simone Lee will find out this fall when Terence Byrnes, author of Closer to Home: The Author and the Author Portrait, will travel to Calgary to photograph her. Simone, of the much-beloved Pages Books on Kensington Bookstore, won the drawing at the Véhicule Press booth at BookExpo Canada in Toronto on June 16. The portrait contest was for librarians and booksellers attending the show.

Closer to Home fixes its gaze on writers as we seldom see them. Byrnes’ photographic portraiture explores and subverts the traditional photographic representation of the writer—portraits that take us inside writers’ lives and inside the process of making portraits—all served with a touch of refined literary gossip.

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