Thursday, 20 November 2008

Victory for the Courier

I'm very pleased to report that Peter Richardson was awarded the 2008 A.M. Klein prize for his book Sympathy for the Couriers. After the travesty of this year's Governor General's Award for Poetry (for more on that, see here and here), last night restored some balance to the universe's sense of fair play. Sometimes the good guys do win.

If you want to order a copy of Peter's book prestosubito, you can now do that through the Vehicule Press website here.

UPDATE: an excerpt from the jury's comments:

"Richardson is an excellent poet of family life, and a touching elegist. This collection … is absolutely invigorating, so various in its subject matter, skilled in its turns of language and line, and consistently interesting. Tonally there is also great variety: sometimes comic, sometimes rueful, and often more pained than that, there is still a lightness to the vision each opens. Sometimes self mocking, but never easy or glib, the poems all ring true"

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