Friday 19 December 2008

King David

One of the thrills of editing Signal Editions is working with David Drummond. David is a terrific designer, with a genius for coming up with images that work against the grain of expectation. With 140 collections of poetry published every year and with very little budget available to lift our own books above that huge tide, a good cover is often all we have to catch a reader's attention. And with everyone now realizing the need for attractive design, a cover needs to be not only good, but great. And David consistently gives us blue chip covers: memorable, smart, challenging.

David was recently interviewed by fellow designer Christopher Tobias on his site Books Covered.

CT: If you weren’t wildly successful at this, what other career choice would you pursue?

DD: I live on a 140 acre farm. Even though I am going to ride this horse as long as I can, if the economy really tanks and the publishing industry takes a big hit, I have been seriously thinking of turning five acres of my farm into a cranberry bog. Apparently there is more money in cranberries than corn.

CT: What else should we know about David Drummond that we don’t already know?

DD: I bake a loaf of bread a day and make a really mean apple pie.

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