Monday 19 January 2009

Please help these big lugs feel welcome

Andrew Steeves (the hunk on the left) and Gary Dunfield (the he-man on the right) run Gaspereau Press, our Atlantic colleagues (and my own publisher!). They -- or rather their award-winning Kentville, Nova Scotia press -- has just joined the blogosphere. As one of the few publishers in the country that prints and binds their own books (an in-house ethic that now extends to making paper), I suspect the blog will be well-worth visiting. For some background on Gaspereau, here's a great interview with Andrew from 2007. Money quote:

If the physical book is going to survive into the next century against the onslaught of digital alternatives, publishers need to invest in their physicality. If we don't offer well made books, books where the media matters and is part of the overall experience, well, we may as well be reading off a screen. While I would be just as happy to never see another tree used to print a telephone directory or reference book, the physical book still has a role to play in our culture and is worth the investment of a tree or two.

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