Sunday, 19 April 2009

Double whammy

In the just-published Montreal Review of Books, distributed in yesterday's Quebec edition of the Globe and Mail, David Manicom's novel, Anna's Shadow and Andrew Steinmetz's novel Eva's Threepenny Theatre received rave reviews.

In a story that takes place soon after the collapse of the Soviet Union, in Moscow a young Canadian diplomat encounters a physicist, possibly a recruit of Iraqui agents. Manicom's day job as a Canadian diplomat has provided him with unique insights for this post-Cold War-thriller. Reviewer Ami Sands Brodoff described Anna's Shadow as "a suspensful read centering on the nexus between science, politics, and romance."

Who says you can't judge a book by its cover. Eva's Threepenny Theatre is another example of the beautifully-designed books we have come to expect from Gaspereau Press. In her MRB review Mary Soderstrom says that "the books physical appearance cries out for the reader to stop and take careful account of what is written in the pages." It's a book that "is worth reading--and just as importantly, worth thinking about afterwards."

Steinmetz was David Manicom's editor at Véhicules' Esplanade Books.

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