Friday 1 May 2009

Hot Art

I'm a little late linking to this, but about week ago The National Post published a transcript of the panel they convened on Canadian book design (hattip: CanCult).

I've just had a chance to read it now, and it's quite fascinating. I was especially impressed by all the thoughtful justifications given for the various methods (which designers read the book, which don't, and why). Too many interesting moments to point to, but, from my experience, Angel Guerra was on the mark about the promotional power of a good image: "it’s pretty clear that if you’re going to a sales conference or to sell to booksellers, mainly they’re not going to even read the manuscripts themselves, so the image is really important for books." And of course, a good cover is a godsend to friends who hate your book but very much like you: it gives them something else to talk about.

At Vehicule, we feel very fortunate to have a phenom like David Drummond working for us (here's a little feature on all the prep that went into the cover for Geoffrey Cook's poetry debut Postscript).

Above is a sneak peek at the terrific covers David has designed for our Fall 2009 poetry list: left to right, Harry Thurston (Animals of My Own Kind: New and Selected Poems) and Richard Greene (Boxing the Compass).

UPDATE: You can read the back story behind each of the two covers on David's blog.

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