Tuesday 30 November 2010

"Hollywood Blockbuster, Minus Overpriced Concessions"

Here's a lovely review of GG poetry winner Boxing the Compass. It was written by Mark Callanan, and appeared earlier this month in the trendy St. John's monthly paper The Scope.

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David Godkin said...

A good review, though I wonder the reviewer did not make more of his premise about the book competing head to head with poplar culture. It was his opening gambit after all.

If his premise was not entirely tongue in cheek, he might have discovered other synergies, such as, for example, the immense popularity of Graham Greene, the poet's other preoccupation, a writer whose fictions (Greene called them "entertainments") managed to be be both aesthetically compelling and popular.

A real hornet's nest this business of art vs the circus, but one still worth some attention, I think.

Meantime, the reviewer did his main job - of reminding me I have to get this book. Thank-you, sir.