Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Better Thought About Than Read

Kenneth Goldsmith gets my goat. He also gets my full attention. I always come across things in his essays and interviews -- such as the exchange in October's The Believer -- I wish I hadn't read, but then can't stop thinking about. He really is poetry's Prince of Darkness.
My favorite books on my shelf are the ones that I can’t read, like Finnegans Wake, The Making of Americans, Boswell’s Life of Johnson, or The Arcades Project. I love the idea that these books exist. I love their size and scope; I adore their ambition; I love to pick them up, open them at random, and always be surprised; I love the fact that I will never know them. They’ll never go out of style; they’re timeless; they’re always new to me. I wanted to write books just like these.
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Anonymous said...

Isn't Goldsmith posturing just the literary manifestation of being famous for being famous.