Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday Poem


There are bells under your shirt.

An eye is an apple.

An eye is an apple.

And you have an orange for a waist.

Your legs are straws that draw water
to your shoulders.

Red and white striped straws.

Your laughter, when it comes, are fronds.
You clutter the sky with your green laughter.
I buy a grape
from your ear

and you hear me.
You give away
the grapes, green, from your ear

as I speed in this limitless blue.

I spiral in my yellow balloon
through your height.
The knotted ginger knees
up into the net of fronds,
and the leaf wrists
above you.

Each shoulder a fountain.

The hands . . .

I spiral through your height
untying the air
I pass through
in my yellow balloon
hello, hello
From Floating Life (2012) by Moez Surani.

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