Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Poem

Monty Reid has poetry forthcoming in a number of magazines, both print and online. He can't remember which ones. He lives in Ottawa. Yes, he lives in Ottawa.  
Writing as George Bowering, Monty Reid has published almost a hundred books. Many of them have won awards. He was in the air force for a while. 
Monty Reid wasn't always this way. He used to browse through each new issue, reading what caught his eye, going back to re-read pieces, often reading through the entire contents. Now, sadly, sometimes he never gets past the contributors' notes. 
When it comes to books, Monty Reid prefers the acknowledgements. He likes that they have gotten longer. There are just that more people involved. He counts how many of them he knows. 
The most annoying thing at a poetry reading is the poet, not just the sound of the poetry reading. Monty Reid's most recent collection of poetry destroys the comfortable notions of personal identity descried and then rehabilitated by postmodernism.  
Monty Reid is best known for his translations from the Spanish. His expansions of Machado are used in schools through Castille and his exquisite rewrite of Lorca is forthcoming from a Granada publisher. He was assassinated in 1936.

From Contributor's Notes (2011) by Monty Reid.

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