Thursday, 11 April 2013

Storming the Castle?

David Biespiel is unimpressed by the now-infamous Kenneth Goldsmith tweet.
Our finest postmodernists have turned into purists and party base delegates. And that’s where things just get sad. The vigor and joy with which our best postmodernists attack any criticism of their aesthetic has all the hallmarks of the apparatchik.
He continues:
By adopting and tweeting the semantics of political shorthand for literary criticism (i.e., attacking Ange Mlinko as a ‘conservative’), it’s made the whole postmodernist movement jump the shark. This week Postmodern poetics is looking a lot like the Fonz in a leather jacket on skis.

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Stephen Pender said...

Read the whole piece, and couldn't agree more, and I know, far too well, the insularity of so-called postmodern poetry and poetics.