Sunday 15 September 2013

Sunday Poem

Hello from inside
the albatross
with a windproof lighter
and Japanese police tape.
Hello from staghorn
coral beds
waving at the beaked whale’s
all six square metres
of fertilizer bags.
Hello from can-opened
delta gators,
with twenty-five grocery sacks
and a Halloween Hulk mask.
Hello from the zipped-up
who shat bits of rope for a month.
Hello from bacteria
making their germinal way
to the poles in the pockets
of packing foam.
Hello from low-density
polyethylene dropstones
glacially tilled
by desiccated,
bowel-obstructed camels.
Hello from six-pack rings
and chokeholds,
from breast milk
and cord blood,
from microfibres
rinsed through yoga pants
and polyester fleece,
biomagnifying predators
strafing the treatment plants.
Hello from acrylics
in G.I. Joe.
Hello from washed up
fishnet thigh-highs
and frog suits
and egg cups
and sperm.
From The Polymers (2013) by Adam Dickinson 

(Photo by Chris Jordan)

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