Saturday, 11 January 2014


Jason Guriel is impressed by Daisy Fried's new book of poems:
Is Women's Poetry a masterpiece? It surely locates Fried among the masterful American poets of her generation. I'd point readers to "Torment," of course, but also "Thrash," "His Failed Band, 1973," "L'Allegro: Driving Home," maybe the Kissinger, definitely the title poem, which, if Camille Paglia ever does another edition of Break, Blow, Burn, you can imagine her including. That's a book (the Paglia) I once taught to kids like Brianna and Justin, when I taught kids. Who knows what they made of the poems? Who knows what the young people of the future will make of Daisy Fried's? ("Write 1000 words on symbolism in 'Torment'", they will be instructed.) Fried is certainly there: good enough to push on the next generation.

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