Friday 3 January 2014

What's Coming Up (In Canadian Poetry) For Spring 2014

Véhicule Press—Signal Editions
Dog Ear by Jim Johnstone
Satisfying Clicking Sound by Jason Guriel

Old Hat by Rob Winger
Pluck by Laisha Rosnau
Canoodlers by Andrea Bennett

The Fleece Era by Joanna Lilley
Blue Sonoma by Jane Munro
Ordinary Hours by Karen Enns
Lake of Two Mountains by Arleen Paré

Wolsak & Wynn—Buckrider Books imprint
Everyone is CO2 by David James Brock
The Stag Head Spoke by Erina Harris

For Tamara by Sarah Lang
Prologue for the Age of Consequence by Garth Martens
The Quiet by Anne-Marie Turza

Two international titles:
Directing Herbert White by James Franco
Sun Bear by Matthew Zapruder

Fitzhenry & Whiteside
Ringing Here & There: A Nature Calendar by Brian Bartlett

Mansfield Press
Moon Baboon Canoe by Gary Barwin
YAW by Dani Couture
Shouting Your Name Down The Well: Tankas and Haiku by David W. McFadden

Goose Lane
Jonas in Frames by Chris Hutchinson
Polari by John Barton

Coach House
M x T by Sina Queyras
Broom Broom by Brecken Hancock
School by Jen Currin

Here in There by Angela Carr
THOU by Aisha Sasha John
Theseus by Wayne Clifford & bpNichol (a collaboration the two started in 1966 that Wayne continued to work on after Nichol's death—never been published)
bp: beginnings by bpNichol (this is a reissue book of Nichol's early sequences edited with an essay by Stephen Cain)

As if a Raven by Yvonne Blomer
Stowaways by Ariel Gordon
Summertime Swamp Love by Patricia Young

Designated Mourner by Catherine Owen
Failure to Thrive by Suzannah Showler

McClelland & Stewart
Complicity by Adam Sol

Pedlar Press
Skein of Days by Sonja Greckol
he'll by Nathan Dueck

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