Monday 22 February 2016

The Poet's Eye

These photographs by the late American poet William Stafford belong to an archive of 16,000 negatives that, in 1993, his family donated to Lewis & Clark College, where Stafford taught for 22 years. A larger selection—which were part of the William Stafford Retrospective Exhibits in 2014—can be found here.

Galway Kinnell, 1980
W.S. Merwin and Carolyn Kizer, 1966
Charles Wright, 1972

Richard Hugo, 1971

Donald Hall, 1969

Elizabeth Bishop, 1977

William Everson, 1967

Mark Strand,1967

James Tate, 1968

Linda Pastan, 1980

Anthony Hecht and Gwendolyn Brooks, 1987

Howard Nemerov, 1981

May Swenson, 1972

Ted Hughes, 1971

Donald Justice 1969

Karl Shapiro, 1974
Robert Hayden and Daniel Hoffman, 1977
Robert Creeley, 1974
William Matthews, 1971

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