Thursday, 16 April 2020

Wondrous Atomic Detail

Stuck in quarantine, Mark Sinnett finds a kindred spirit in Sadiqa de Meijer and her new collection, The Outer Wards:
There is, I realised early on, the very eerie sense in these pages that de Meijer is somehow reporting from the future, having already endured the information fog and the self-isolation that the rest of us are living through now. Read that way they become, in a quiet way, an instruction guide. It is as if we have been gifted a manual of solace. As if she has done us an essential service.
He provides a striking bit of praise:
The way in which de Meijer seems to be able to tease an idea from its conception in some deep brain-fold out onto the page, all without seeming to lose any of the wondrous atomic detail to friction, is rare almost beyond imagining.

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