Monday, 28 May 2007

Artie Gold obit in today’s Globe & Mail

The Globe remembers the brief and intense writing life of poet Artie Gold, and writes of the Montreal poetry scene in the 70s. Quite accurate, actually, except for the impression it gives that the artist-run gallery, Véhicule Art Inc., was running the printing press. The piece states: “...poets and painters converged with a common commitment to revolutionize the Montreal cultural scene. They survived as a group until 1981.” Véhicule Press began at the back of the art gallery in 1973 and was absolutely a separate organization. Those halcyon days saw many innovative collaborations with members of the gallery which resulted in books printed and published by the press. Véhicule Press and all of its printing equipment relocated to Montreal’s Chinatown in late spring 1977. After a subsequent move, the printing operation ended in 1981, but the press continued.

For more on Artie: Véhicule’s Virtual Chapbook

The Globe’s obit:

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