Thursday, 10 January 2008

The Avi Boxer Archives

After a gap of nine years, Montreal poet Asa Boxer returned to his family cabin in Val Morin where he unearthed a lost collection of his father Avi Boxer’s old photographs. Avi Boxer was himself a poet, active in the 1950s literary scene in Montreal alongside A.M. Klein, F.R. Scott, Louis Dudek, Irving Layton and Leonard Cohen.

In his essay, “The Avi Boxer Archives: Snap-Shots and Recollections,” Asa Boxer describes his discover and examines his relationship with his enigmatic father. Many of the photos have been included, including the one above of Al Purdy, Margaret Atwood, and Avi Boxer in 1970.

You can read the essay here in our online chapbook feature.

Asa Boxer is the author of The Mechanical Bird.

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