Tuesday 8 January 2008

Carmine's CanLit

The American journal of poetry criticism CPR (Contemporary Poetry Review) has written a substantial critical essay on our very own Carmine Starnino, editor of the Signal Editions poetry imprint at Véhicule Press. CPR examines Starnino’s poetry, criticism, and editorial work.

CPR writer Bill Coyle is impressed by what he calls Starnino’s “aggressive sanity,” and suggests that his level-headed and intelligent yet unapologetic and ruthless approach is shaping CanLit for the better:

"In concluding, I’ll risk the kind of statement that would have seemed foolhardy at the outset: Carmine Starnino is one of the most important writers and readers of poetry in the contemporary English-speaking world. America has no one like him. His talent, idealism, and ambition make his work exciting, and I would say necessary, reading."

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