Sunday 12 October 2008

Closer to Home

This photograph of North Hatley poet D.G. Jones was taken by Terence Byrnes, author of Closer to Home: The Author and the Author Portrait.
Don Denton has posted a wide-ranging and thoughtful interview with Byrnes on his site Literary Photographer.

LP: Your comments on the difference between photographing men and women were interesting, essentially that women are more sensitive about photographs of themselves. Care to comment on that further?

TB: Sure, but the word “sensitive” isolates women in a way that makes me a little uncomfortable. I’ll turn the tables for a moment and say that society finds endless ways to valorize men despite the way(s) they look. Male slackers, nerds, slobs, sexual indiscriminates, bikers, and outlaws can all find a place on the ladder of sexual status that Hollywood and society in general deliver to us. The range for women is much narrower and so often refers to their sexual availability (or not). Consequently, women have to be more “sensitive” because they’re judged by a different, and less flexible, standard.

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