Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Riddle Me This

Mary Dalton has been on a riddle-writing jag ever since publishing a cycle of them in Red Ledger (and she's had the bug even earlier if you include the compact eccentricities of the mini-monologues in Merrybegot).

Running the Goat, a letter-press publisher based in St. John's, has put out a book of 26 new riddles by Mary called Between You and the Weather. As a bonus, this limited-edition (only 150) includes original wood engraving by Wesley W. Bates.

I daresay the new riddles are very good, if deliciously harder then the Red Ledger sequence, but only because many of them tap into the original linguistic spirit of the form, which was about strangeness rather than cleverness. I'll be nice, and post an easy one.

Chappie price is $45, and apparently includes shipping. If you can show proof of purchase, I'll throw in a free copy of Red Ledger.

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