Thursday, 17 June 2010

John Smith

I know, I know, I should have mentioned this months ago, when it might have done some good. But while boxing up my copies of CNQ last night (we move into a new house next week), I reread the recent special issue on the lamentably underappreciated PEI poet John Smith. I want to express how excellent the entire number is -- guest-edited by poet David Hickey -- and how proud I am to be associated with a magazine that devotes considerable resources to celebrating someone who, to date, is read by only handful of cognoscenti. I hope the special issue changed that a little. Anyway, I urge you to contact CNQ directly to get a copy. You can check out Hickey's essay here.

UPDATE: some info on the amazing-looking new issue of CNQ, which will include poems by Linda Besner, who publishes her first book (The Id Kid) with us next Spring.

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