Friday, 9 August 2013

Hooking: Review Round-Up

Jared Bland:
Mary Dalton’s Hooking (Signal) offers sophisticated centos—poems made entirely of lines from other poems—that make an eloquent argument for the idea that all poems exist in relation to other poetry
Jonathan Ball:
Dalton "hooks" these lines into her own patterns with true craft, to form powerful, evocative sentiments.
Chad Pelley:
This is truly, to my knowledge, an unprecedented work of poetry, and a great one at that.
Barbara Carey:
Dalton’s stitch work is very fine: it makes for some strange juxtapositions, but they are often as evocative as they are enigmatic. In effect, the collection as a whole is a celebration of creation, and subtly links writing to other products of human making, such as cloth, braids, lace, filaments and thread, all of which are mentioned in the poems. At their best, the strung-together lines and phrases have a new, arresting beauty.

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