Sunday, 21 November 2010

Coming Attractions

I’m nearly a month late in posting this, but I want to thank Jacob McArthur Mooney for including Mark Callanan’s upcoming book on his list of 2011 recommendations.

For anyone on the lookout for more CanPo offerings, we’ve assembled a really solid roster next year, with Asa Boxer and Linda Besner teaming up this Spring (her cover above). Anita Lahey joins Mark in the Fall.

I’ll be first in line for Julie Bruck’s Monkey Ranch, to be published by Brick (check out the Fall issue of Maisonneuve for some wonderful poems from the book). In the meantime, I’ll point poetry fans to the John Glassco biography A Gentleman of Pleasure, by Brian Busby, out in March from McGill-Queen's University Press, as well as my own selection of Glassco poems that Frog Hollow will be publishing around the same time.

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