Wednesday 18 September 2013

Normative Statements

The buzz for Norm Sibum's novel—a 700-page chunk of prose called The Traymore Roomshas already started. But the publicity photo (above) by Montreal photographer Leslie Schachter is a remarkable event all on its own. I recruited some friends to help explain why.

Jason Guriel:
He looks like character from an August Kleinzahler poem—an old saloon type.
Nyla Matuk:
Looks like someone the Coen brothers would dream up if they did a movie about CanLit.
Michael Lista:
He looks like John Brown hiding in a Confederate mop closet. 
Evan Jones. 
Looking at this picture, I think of Oscar Wilde's words after visiting Walt Whitman in Camden, New Jersey, in 1882: "The kiss of Walt Whitman is still on my lips."


David Godkin said...

Mark Twain lives.

Robert Moore said...

If Nietszche and Wyatt Earp had a love child

Anonymous said...

I meant 'Nietzsche.' Dang it/ sheisse!

Unknown said...

I'm the photographer who took the photo for The Link. I met the reporter at a restaurant in NDG in Montreal. When Mr. Sibum arrived he walked right up to the waitress' station and poured himself a cup of coffee. I think he's a regular over there :) It was a fun, quick shoot!

Carmine Starnino said...

It's a great photo, Leslie. Sorry for not crediting you sooner.